Betsy Rocks | Jewelry For A Cause

Today, I had the chance to check out a beautiful jewelry line made by a new friend of mine, Brittney Bond. Her stuff is absolutely gorgeous and since I use to make jewelry myself, I had to hear about how she got into jewelry making!

It was actually quite a moving story. In short, her mom, Betsy, passed away from ALS this past February. In total, Brittney and her Momma raised about $80,000 (if I am remembering correctly) for the ALS foundation before her passing.

It is never easy to lose someone close to you, especially your own mother, so Brittney started putting her focus into something else – J E W E L R Y.

Her collection is absolutely gorgeous and with each sale, she donates a portion to the ALS foundation.So when you are a customer of Brittney’s, not only are you wearing a one of a kind piece, you get to support an amazing cause very near and dear to many people like Brittney Bond.

Shopping for Christmas gifts? Check out her collection today!



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