Charlotte B | Fresh 48

What a way to end the year! If being a photographer has taught me anything, it’s that flexibility will do you very well in this industry (in more ways that one honestly haha). And that’s exactly how Fresh 48 sessions are! You just never know when the baby is going to decide he or she is ready to meet the world!

So, let me introduce you to Baby Charlotte 😍. How precious is this sleeping angel? I couldn’t get over how cute and perfect she was! And look how good dad’s baby wrap was?! Isn’t that amazing? I can already tell she has him wrapped around her tiny little fingers. She doesn’t even know it yet.

I always use to say engagement pictures were my favorite because it’s new love and so fun to capture on camera! The couple is usually still suuuuper head over heels and you can just see it in their giddy smiles 😂😂😂… But it’s a totally different, almost deeper love you feel when you’re in a room with mom, dad, and new baby. It’s just totally wild and hard to describe. And in a way, it should be! You have officially blended with your soulmate and brought a life into this world! Something that will make you believe in God if you don’t! Anyway, Charlotte is so lucky to have you two as her parents. Thank you so much for inviting me to this super special moment in your life! It was truly amazing! ❤️



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