Iryna + Dimitri || Maternity

This summer has been extremely challenging for outdoor sessions due to the unpredictable weather. While we got lucky this time, it did start to thunder and sprinkle. Thankfully, I caught the cutest picture of them as the rain started to come. It was definitely time to wrap things up though lol. I asked Dimitri how they met and he told me that when he went back to visit his country, he met Iryna through some mutual friends and that was it. He knew. Here they are 5 years later and clearly still head over heels for each other, expecting a beautiful baby boy. Just look at how they interact.

While editing these pictures, I could not stop cheesing because we seriously laughed a lot during these pictures. Mostly at (I mean with 😜) Dimitri for his newly discovered modeling talent. I think that’s one of the biggest reasons I love photography. You take a moment in time and it brings back so many memories of that specific moment. Hopefully big smiles. Iryna, having a baby is one of the most beautiful experiences that life can offer 💖. You are truly blessed and I wish you the best throughout the end of your pregnancy. Thank you again and hope to meet your little guy soon!



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