The Steverson || Family

This morning started in beautiful Ellijay, GA… porch sitting with some fresh coffee. Ellen and I walked the property and caught up while we waited on the Steversons to arrive.

Just to set the tone, the Steversons and I go waaaaaay back! So far back, it’s too long for a spotlight post 😉. But what I will say is that the Steversons are one of my favorite couples ever, and I got to be there to witness it from the very beginning.

Jennifer and I instantly bonded from the beginning and believe it or not, we use to pass off for sisters. We did EVERYTHING together and read each others minds. It was also fate that we had the same last name (that is of course until we both got married). I was also lucky enough to be in her bridal party for her wedding.

I have such a hard time trying to decide who Scarlett looks like more… Josh or Jenn? When she was a baby, I’d def say more Josh, but something about her screams Jenn now that she’s a little bit older. She definitely carries her mother’s facial expressions!

I had the hardest time picking my favorite portraits because there were SO many good ones!!! Thank you guys so much for letting me take yalls family portraits! I hope you guys love them and we get to do many many more!




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